Hybrasil 001: Anu

Artist: Hybrasil
Title; Hybrasil 001
Label: Hybrasil
Cataologue Number: HYBRASIL001


1) Anu
2) Wolf

Irish producer Hybrasil has very quickly risen to the top of the dance pile despite being a relatively new project. After linking with the likes of Loose Records and Bush Records, he now starts his own new label, also called Hybrasil, with a fantatsic two tracker.

Up first us Anu, a sweeping main room techno cut with big frazzled synth lines running above rubbery drums. There are some icy hi hats and distant melodies also detailing the groove, and the whole thing is filled with a broody sense of energy that will carry floors away. On the flip, Wolf is harder hitting with punchy drums and old school chord stabs injecting real kinetics. Rumbling bass and more clever filters all ramp things up and ensure the track will do plenty of damage on the floor.

This is a great way to start the new label and makes it essential right from the off .