Hybrasil 002: The Man from Sirius B

Artist: Hybrasil
Title: Hybrasil 002
Label: Hybrasil
catalogue Number:


1) Merkaba
2) The Man from Sirius B

Press Release: There is no one busier or more on form than Hybrasil right now. The Irish producer is turning out the high grade weaponry left right and centre for everyone from Break New Soil to Kraftek. Here he returns to his own label with a follow up to the first kicking EP with two more vital tracks.

Merkaba is seven deep and moody minutes of house music with warm rubbery drums. The atmosphere is filled with warmth too, from the well sculpted synths that drone and bring menace and the glistening percussive slices that add bite. It’s a brooding track to take you to the next level.

The Man From Sirius B is a more trippy and sci-fi cut. Cosmic synth patterns float about like spacecraft in battle and wobbly bass and drums flesh out the groove. It’s filmic and evocative stuff that shows a different side to this producer and rounds out another fine EP.