In Conversation with Bjarki (трип)

Bjarki is an incredible Techno artist & electronic music composter from Reykjavik, Iceland. He began his precocious electronic tinkering at an early age, Isolated in the north of Iceland. He first surfaced under the name Kid Mistik near the end of 2000’s. He kept a low profile in releasing his music, until he met the Russian disc jockey Nina Kraviz in 2014 who became a fan of Bjarki’s tracks, and began releasing his archive on her label  трип (Trip).

We caught up with him for a quick chat before his performance at Circles Festival in Ireland to talk studio, releases and touring.

Hi Bjarki, thanks for taking time to speak with us here on the Hybrasil blog, what have been your highlights playing in Ireland so far? 

I forgot my phone in a taxi driving to Life Festival last year. It was my first mobile phone in years. I was using the “find my iphone” app coordinating the location with a taxi driver who was driving me around Dublin in hope to find it. It was actually a lot of fun and we ended on the pub together. But the phone was never found. I love Irish people a lot. I have strong connection to Ireland since I have a bit of Irish heritage in my family.

We love your backstory. Did growing up in Iceland influence your productions / Music? 

I wouldn’t be writing the music I write if I would have sun all year around.

What is your current studio set up? 

I have my studio in a cave 400km from Reykjavik.

What releases do you have coming up? 

There is an EP coming out on TRIP at the end of July and something very special I can’t talk about right now, which happening in November.

How have you managed to balance touring and creativity? 

Traveling is not my favorite thing, I am really bad at it. If I have something to show than I do couple of shows that are carefully selected and guaranteed that there is enough bass so I can control people’s heartbeat with my new fast tempo switching machine.


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