Hybrasil LIVE: Michel De Hey X Game Over @ Thuishaven ADE


This year at ADE I closed the Michel De Hey X Game Over stage at Thuishaven on October 20th, published on Techno Live Sets. I also had the opportunity to road test Allen & Heath’s new flagship Xone 96 DJ mixer.


Hybrasil – Anu – Hybrasil
Hybrasil – Sentinel – Hybrasil
Hybrasil – IG-88 – Loose Records
Hybrasil – MacJulian the Fictional Serial Killer – Loose Records
Hybrasil – Innana – Kenja Records
Hybrasil – Anubis – Break New Soil
Hybrasil – Breasal – Intacto
Hybrasil – Wolf – Hybrasil
Hybrasil – Elthy – Kraftek
Hybrasil – Adjust – Loose Records
Hybrasil – Afra
Hybrasil – Pallas Athena
Hybrasil – Brahma – Break New Soil
Hybrasil – Shiva
Hybrasil – Oppenheimer – Hybrasil
Hybrasil – Gliese – Intacto
Hybrasil – Osiris
Hybrasil – Calculator – Loose Records



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