Hybrasil Tech: Inside a Roland TR-909 Drum Machine

Have you ever wondered what the inside of a Roland TR-909 Drum Machine looks like? Watch a true master at work, as Irish electronic music pioneer Tim Hannigan aka Mr Spring opens up the Hybrasil 909 for a service and modification.

The issue began with a intermittent volume issue on the Ride Cymbal and some problems with the step sequencer.  In addition to tackling some technical issues, Tim created a pitch modification on the Hi Hat and the Rim Shot. The modification on the Rim shot is one of the only ones of it’s type and enables the option of tuning the rim shot to that of a Roland TR-808.

This service and modification was conducted in advance of Jeff Mills using the machine at a festival in Ireland.

  1. Roland TR-909 Hi Hat Pitch Modification

     2. Roland TR-909 Ride Cymbal Service

     3. Roland TR-909 Circuit Board 

     4. Roland TR-909 full Service & Modification walk through

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