Press: Hybrasil Behringer Pro-1 review @ Beatportal

hybrasil behringer pro-1 review

“For Beatport’s first Pick Of The Month, Hybrasil reviews Behringer’s Pro-One clone.

The Behringer Pro-1 is a remake of the Sequential Circuits Pro-One. Originally released in 1981, it is one of electronic music’s most iconic synthesisers, popularised by artists such as Vince Clarke, Depeche Mode, New Order and Prince.

The Pro-1 is loaded with features. It’s pure analogue, and eurorack compatible with a CV modulation matrix. It features a sequencer, arpeggiator, two envelope generators and a dedicated analogue LFO. The oscillators and filters are clones of the original design and it also comes with a duophonic mode, which wasn’t on the original.”

Read the full review HERE

To accompany the review I wrote this piece of music using just the Pro-1 synth and a 909 Kick drum.

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