Hybrasil Announces New Album ‘TEN’ on Hybrasil Music

Hybrasil announces second album ‘TEN’ featuring 10 tracks written over the course of 9 months following the completion of his debut album ‘Embers’ (released on Rekids in November 2019).

Press Release: TEN is a creative concept by Hybrasil and it is the landmark tenth release of his eponymous vinyl and digital record label. This body of work was written in Berlin, while working on a follow up to his debut album ‘Embers’ on Rekids . Extended over ten tracks, Hybrasil meanders through distinctive and innovative strains of techno, some more driven, others providing real depth and emotion, all working as a wholesome package providing a synopsis of the labels output up until this point.

The process of recording and producing the album utilised a hybrid of digital and analogue technology, fusing the live sequencing/recording possibilities of digital audio workstations such as Ableton live with vintage analogue machines such as the Roland TR-909 drum Machine, Roland SH-09 synth, Elektor Formant Modular synth, Pro-1 and Doepfer Dark Energy MKI.

TEN is a 360 production concept, all writing, recording, mixing and mastering was conducted by Hybrasil at HBL Studios. A momentous release for the Irishman, celebrating the life of his label, as he tightens his grip on another prolific chapter in 2021, adapting his live shows and further outstanding releases already scheduled on the calendar.